Domain Name Service (DNS) Checker

DNS Look-Up Service for Domain DNS Settings, and Domain Name Ownership.
Domain Name Service (DNS) Checker
The (DNS) Checker is used for looking up Domain Name Settings, and Domain Ownership.

Currently available by invite only.

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IP Address Lookup:

Lookup an IP Address or Domain.
Lookup an IP Address or Domain's Geo Location. Includes the ISP(Organization) Number/Name, City(Zip-Code), Region(Code), Country(Code), Host Name Address, Time Zone, Latitude and Longitude of the domain or IP address.

IP Address:

IP Address54.227.48.147ISP (Organization) (
City (Zip-Code)Ashburn (20149)Number/NameAS14618, Inc.
Region (Code)Virginia (VA)Host
Country (Code)United States (US)Latitude39.048099517822
Time ZoneAmerica/New_YorkLongitude-77.472801208496