Domain Name Service (DNS) Checker

DNS Look-Up Service for Domain DNS Settings, and Domain Name Ownership.

DNS Checker

WHOIS Lookup:

Run a WHOIS lookup on a Domain Name.
Perform a WHOIS Domain Name lookup for TLD's(top level domains) and SLD's(second level domains). The whois lookup provides domain information like the domain registrar, the domain's status, dates, nameservers and domain ownership.

DNS Lookup:

Lookup the DNS for a Domain Name.
The DNS lookup tool provides important information about the domains DNS/Zone File settings, such as the domains Nameservers, A Records, MX Records, TTL(Time To Live), Priority, SOA and TXT Records.

IP Address Lookup:

Lookup an IP Address or Domain.
Lookup an IP Address or Domain's Geo Location. Includes the ISP(Organization) Number/Name, City(Zip-Code), Region(Code), Country(Code), Host Name Address, Time Zone, Latitude and Longitude of the domain or IP address.


Ping a Domain Name or IP Address.
The Ping tool provides statistics such as reply time in milliseconds, the packets sent, received and lost. As well as details about the approximate round trip times in milli-seconds.

Trace Route:

Trace a domain name or IP Address.
Trace Route measures the speed of packets sent and returns the route taken to the destination server, providing statistics such as reply time in milliseconds for the 3 packets sent during each hop or if it was lost.